Do I need a driving licence to ride this scooter?
The electric scooters that run on a 250 W motor and the ones that have a top speed of 25 km/h do not require a driver's licence or number plate registration. However, the Bounce Infinity is significantly more powerful with a top speed of 55-65 km/h(Varies between different models). Therefore, driver's licence and number plate registration are mandatory to ride it.
When will I get my scooter?
Depending on your order’s sequence in the queue and our delivery schedule the dealer will get in touch. The booking token money will be adjusted against the final amount you pay to complete your purchase.
Can I cancel my booking?
Yes, you can cancel your booking at any point in time before you make the full and final payment for the scooter.
Will the paperwork happen online?
You have the choice to do the paperwork online or at our dealership stores.
What all cities are you present in?
We're available pan India, please visit find a dealer page.
Does the sales and delivery of the scooter happen online or at a store?
Customers across India can book our vehicle. We have dealership presence in all major cities to provide sales and after-sales support. These dealers will also provide support to customers pan India.
How do I purchase the vehicle?
You can book and purchase the vehicle on the website or by visiting our dealerships. Post successful booking, our dealer will contact you to take you through the process.
I would like to buy more than one scooter from my booking registration, is it possible?
For every bounce infinity scooter, you need to make a booking separately. We haven't placed any restriction on the number of bookings per person. However, do note that any person can only avail the FAME II subsidy once since it’s linked to one’s Aadhaar ID.
How do I know if the Bounce Infinity is available in my city?
You can check the availability in your city on the find a dealer page by choosing your city.
I don’t live in a city where the Bounce Infinity is currently sold, but I’d really like to buy the vehicle and take it to my city. How can I do that?
Buying the Bounce Infinity from a city where currently it isn’t sold and taking it to another city may be a challenge due to state legalities. Also, we do not have after-sales service and roadside assistance for the Infinity in such cities, which may hinder your ownership experience.
My booking was made in a different name, I want to purchase the vehicle in a different name, how do I do it?
After you've made your booking, you can change your ownership details by getting in touch with our customer support or our dealer, unless your full payment has been made. Once invoiced, ownership details can only be changed at the time of resale.
Is the booking amount refundable?
Yes, the booking amount is fully refundable. However, once the final payment for the vehicle has been made, the booking and final payment amount is non-refundable.
I had booked an Infinity variant that is not available immediately, can I change my booking to a different variant?
Yes, the booking for an Infinity variant and colour can be changed till the time full payment is made. Please note, this may alter timelines for your Infinity being made available to you.
Can I get the Bounce Infinity on lease?
No, the Bounce Infinity is currently not available on lease.

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