Do I need a driving licence to ride this scooter?
How can I contact customer support?
You can reach us via the customer support on the website.
When will I get my vehicle?
The deliveries have started in major cities. Please contact our customer care for details specific to your city.
When will the bookings start?
You can pre-book your scooter now on our website. You can contact the customer care for delivery dates for your city.
Can I get the finance done from my end?
Yes, you can.
Can I cancel my booking?
Yes, you can cancel your booking at any point in time before you make the full and final payment for the scooter.
Can I purchase insurance on my own?
Yes, you can.
What are the banks you have tied up with for financing?
We have the right partners to support you. You can see a full list of banking and insurance partners on the website.
Do I have to apply for a loan online or at a bank branch?
We have a phygital (physical + digital) model. You can apply for a loan online as well as at our dealership stores, physically.
Will the paperwork happen online?
You have the choice to do the paperwork online or at our dealership stores.
What all cities are you present in?
We are going to be available across India.
Does the sales and delivery of the scooter happen online or at a store?
Customers across India can book our vehicle. We will have a dealership presence in all major cities to provide sales and after-sales support. These dealers will also provide support to customers pan India.
Is the scooter delivered with a battery?
It’s your choice. You can buy the Bounce Infinity e.1 with or without a battery. In case you buy a scooter without the battery, we will deliver it with a swappable battery which you can replace at any of our Battery Swapping stations when required.
Do I get a number plate along with the scooter?
Your scooter will undergo the usual RTO registration process and you will receive a green number plate with white text.
Can I buy a scooter without a battery?
Yes, you can. However, you will have to subscribe to our Battery Swapping network to take care of your energy/charge needs.
Can I change the color of my scooter after pre-booking?
Yes, you can. You can do so before making the full and final payment.
Can I change the ownership model after pre-booking?
Yes, you can. You can do so before making the full and final payment.
What is the warranty of the vehicle with battery?
Bounce infinity comes with the best in class of warranty for both vehicle and battery. Vehicle alone comes with 3 yrs/40000* Kms, whichever comes first. Battery alone comes with 3yrs/45000* Kms, whichever comes first.
What is the warranty if I purchase only the vehicle and get the battery under the subscription model?
Bounce provides best in class of warranty in all ownerships you choose to own. Vehicle alone comes with 3yrs/40000* Km whichever comes first.
What is the range of the vehicle?
Bounce infinity comes with state of the art Lithium ion battery with superior performance. The range of the vehicle with a fully charged battery under IDC (Indian Driving cycle) conditions is 85* kms.

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